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Gjenstand: EX10020154


Modell: S-CUTTER 70.1

Plasma Cutter - 70 A - 400 V

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Plasma Cutter - 70 A - 400 V

The S-CUTTER 70.1 plasma cutter from Stamos Germany, allows for cutting work and grooving planes to be easier due to an easy handling. The plasma cutter is suitable for steel and other such steel alloys, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, nickel and aluminium. Thanks to its versatility, it enriches each and every workshop, as well as the garage of every hobby craftsman.

The S-CUTTER 70.1 is suitable for the precision cutting of a variety of metals and has a high cutting speed whereas the material waste remains low. Thanks to the smooth, adjustable cut (max. 20 mm), no burn traces will be created even with thin metals. In addition, the plasma cutter is lightweight, making it easy to hold, therefore very mobile.

The S-CUTTER 70.1 plasma cutter can always be adapted specifically to the requirements of the user thanks to knobs for the variable setting of the current i and the air pressure. The button for pressure regulation can be determined so that the pressure cannot be inadvertently altered during work. In addition, the device has the button "Gas / Work", which can be actuated to test the gas flow.

The plasma cutter is equipped with the modern V-Mosfet inverter technology, which ensures that the current is used optimally and damage caused by overflow can be prevented. In addition, thanks to the 2T / 4T switch, the user can decide whether the plasma cutter operates only while the button is pressed or continuously. This makes the device equally suitable for short and lengthy working periods.

Users of the S-CUTTER 70.1 can always keep an eye on the functions of the machine thanks to the LED display and the manometer. In addition, the unit has powerful ventilation and overload protection. This means that the plasma cutter can always be optimally controlled by the user and longevity is guaranteed.

In addition to the plasma cutter, you will receive the power cable, the P-60 plasma torch, a gas hose, a ground cable with clamp and various consumables are also supplied. Thus, the cutting can be started immediately upon receiving delivery. Attention! The device is supplied without a power plug.


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