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Rørrengjøringsmaskin 570 Watt 400 o/min Ø 20 - 150 mm

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Gjenstand: EX10060359



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Viktige funksjoner
  • Rotation speed 400 rpm
  • 2 spiral sets with Ø 16 mm and Ø 22 mm
  • Including spiral baskets / Suitable for pipes with a diameter of 20 mm to 150 mm
  • Adapter magazine with spiral for thin tubes with a diameter of 20 - 50 mm / Extensive set of tools for the cleaning of pipes
  • Straight drill for exploring the pipe after blockages / Funnel drill removes the cause of the blockage
  • Flexible club drill cleans angled drains / Cross blade drill removes chemical deposits and hardened material
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The MSW-POWER DRAIN CLEAN 2.3E pipe cleaning machine from MSW Motor Technics is equipped with spirals of different sizes and a comprehensive set of tools that allow you to mechanically clean pipes and to loosen clogging. It is ideally suited for craftsmen who specialize in plumbing and drainage systems, who need to clean/unblock sewer systems quickly and effectively.
The machine has a powerful motor that rotates the spiral with a power of 1100 W , both clockwise and anti-clockwise at 700 rpm. The three-stage switch rotates the spiral into the desired direction. After cleaning, the motor of the pipe cleaning machine can be turned off with same switch. For pipe cleaning, the pipe cleaning coil is connected to the motor of the pipe cleaning machine by means of a lever, whereby the rotary movement is transmitted to the spiral.
A total of ten differently shaped partial spirals can be used as pipe cleaning spiral, which can be combined with one another via a T-slot coupling. The spiral set with a diameter of 16 mm reaches a length of 11.5 m, the set with a diameter of 22 mm consists of 3 parts with a total length of 13.8 m. In the two spiral baskets, the sets can be easily stowed and transported easily
In addition to the spiral sets, a spiral with a diameter of 9 mm and a diameter of 15 mm is also included. This allows you to react flexibly to a wide variety of conditions in drains or pipes with a diameter of 20 - 150 mm.
The cleaning tools supplied are also very versatile. They can be used to eliminate the most diverse impurities in the pipe. The extensive set of drills offers you all possibilities to clean mechanically drain without using chemical additives.
The cleaning tools can be easily installed at the end of the cleaning coil via a T-slot coupling and are ideally suited for pipes with a diameter of 20 - 150 mm depending on the combination. For smaller tubes of 20 - 50 mm there is an adapter magazine in the set, which is equipped with a soft, 5 m long spiral, a water screen and an adapter.
The separating key facilitates a quick and easy shortening or lengthening of the spiral and quick tool change. As a result, a comfortable and flexible use of the pipe cleaning machine is always ensured.
For the protection of the hands, a set of robust work gloves are provided. Thanks to its compact design, the machine is not only easy to transport, but also can be set up easily and put straight into operation. The 2.1 meter long power cable offers freedom of movement, the stable, rubberized feet ensure a safe stand.


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