Dobbel slipemaskin - 350 W
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Dobbel slipemaskin - 350 W

Leverandør: MSW | Artikkelnummer EX10060401 | Modell: GRIN350D

Dobbel slipemaskin - 350 W
Dobbel slipemaskin - 350 W
Dobbel slipemaskin - 350 W
Dobbel slipemaskin - 350 W
Dobbel slipemaskin - 350 W
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  • Grinding wheels with different grains
  • Double-wheel operation
  • 2950 watts at 350 RPM
  • Various safety precautions
  • Robust cast iron casing

The high-performing engine of the grinder is powered by 350 watts at 2950 r/min and drives two separate grinding wheels at the same time. It has therefore been constructed with two wheel axles and two protective hoods. This smart construction allows you to work with two different grains that are included in the delivery. One grinding wheel with 36 grain size for rough grinding and one with 60 grain size for finer grinding. Both grinding wheels have a diameter of 350 mm and an edge width of 16 mm.

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The high grinding power of the tool allows for the execution of different functions at once. Besides grinding different materials, the grinder can also sharpen, round, reshape or trim tools. The double grinder has many different areas of application.

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Four non-slip rubber knobs ensure that the grinder is stable for the duration of its operation and maintains a work surface free of scratches. The rubber knobs absorb vibrations and make for a noiseless and precise grinding. The robust casing of the double-grinder is made from cast iron and has a very high durability and resilience. The casing protects the inset engine from outside influences. It will not be harmed by the workpiece itself or by the waste and cuttings or sparks that occur during operation.

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The combination grinder has many safety precautions. Each grinding wheel has a protective hood that keeps the wheel securely fastened. Each protective hood has a removable and adjustable protection against sparks, transparent, tiltable safety goggles and an adjustable workpiece support. Even the ON-/OFF-switch has a dust-tight protective cover. Occurring cuttings and sparks don’t affect the grinding wheels nor can they injure the user.

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The grinder can be used freestanding or be mounted through its pre-drilled holes onto a workbench. The tool has compact measurements of 25,5 x 37,5 x 31,5 cm and a low weight of only 9,83 kg, and can be operated in confined spaces. The double-grinder GRIN350D by MSW is the perfect choice when you require a practical and high-powered tool that is low-noise and very precise.

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  • High-powered engine, powering two separate grinding wheels at the same time
  • Low-noise and precise operation because of the vibration-absorbing rubber knobs
  • High energy efficiency – at 350 watts and 2950 r/min
  • Many areas of application – sharpen, round, reshape or trim
  • High security because of many safety precautions – protection against sparks, protection for the user’s eyes

Dobbel slipemaskin - 350 W

The double grinder GRIN350D by MSW is a practical electrical tool for professionally grinding and cutting different materials on your workbench. The grinder combines two grinding wheels. The exacting design and high energy efficiency of the double grinder makes it the perfect tool for working with plastics -, wood and metal. The electric device is well-suited for DIY-work when you need highly precise results.

Item number
Cast iron
350 W
230V / 50Hz
Diameter, grinding wheel
200 mm
Width, grinding wheel
16 mm
Diameter, bore
20 mm
Grain, grinding wheel
1x A-36, 1x A-60
Protection class
Rotation speed
2950 r/min
2950 RPM noise level
89 dB (LpA) / 102 dB (LwA)
Length, power cable
1,5 m
Measurements (LxWxH)
25,00 x 38,00 x 31,50 cm
9,65 kg
Transportation measurements (LxWxH)
38,00 x 28,00 x 29,00 cm
Transportation weight
10,30 kg
Teknisk tegning
  • Grinding machine
  • Two grinding wheels – (1x Ø200x20 mm / Grain 36, 1x Ø200x20 mm / Grain 60)

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