B-varer Bilbatterilader - Starthjelper - 12/24 V - 100 A - Kompakt

Artikkelnummer EX20060147 / Modell: S-CHARGER-65A

B-varer Bilbatterilader - Starthjelper - 12/24 V - 100 A - Kompakt

  • Artikkelnummer EX20060147
  • Modell: S-CHARGER-65A
  • I produktserien siden: 2018
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  • Jump starter for empty car batteries
  • High voltage current of up to 100 A for a quick charging
  • Special pockets for storing the supplied cables
  • Practical timer, configurable to up to 60 minutes
  • Wheels and handle for an easy transportation
  • Three-digit LED display on the front panel


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Heavy Duty Battery Charger - Jump Starter - 12/24 V - 100 A - Compact

If you only use a car for short drives during winter, the dynamo doesn’t run for a long enough time and this can affect the car battery. The professional, compact MSW heavy duty battery charger allows you to easily jump start engines in a workshop or your own garage. The charger even meets high current requirements up to 100 amps (arithmetic).

A reliable vehicle tool for charging car batteries and jumpstarting engines


The car battery charger S-CHARGER-65A has a jump start function which is a particularly useful feature. The jump starter means that you will be ready for any eventuality, whether for the starting of a gasoline or the preheating of a diesel engine. The charger has a maximum starting current of 480 A and ensures that the engine starts quickly even when the car battery is empty. The battery has little chance to charge properly in car repair shops, where the engine is often started only for a short time. This device has a quick start-up aid, which only needs a maximum of 12 watts.


The construction of the car battery charger is especially practical. In every workshop or garage, it is particularly useful if everything has its own location. The charger has special pockets for stowing the long charging cable. Spending a lot of time searching for power cables is a thing of the past. The cables included in the delivery are between 1.5 and 2 metres long. The Plus-Pole cable is 2 metres long, the Minus-Pole cable 1.8 metres and the power cable is 1.5 metres long.


The battery charger has a timer with a time range of up to 60 minutes for quick-charging. You can charge an empty battery in just one hour. The timer allows you to take care of other tasks until the charging is completed. The device will turn off automatically after 60 minutes, so that you can leave it unattended.


With a weight of 22 kilograms, the charger is no lightweight, but its practical wheels make for a very convenient transportation. You can easily roll it from one car to the next. A matching handle makes this particularly easy. You can also use the handle to simply lift the charger into the car if you want to use it at another location.


A reliable fuse protects against ignition sparks or short circuits while the charger is connected to the car battery. Due to the cooling system, which is equipped with two fans and has cooling slots on the housing, you can use the device for hours.


The charger has a large, three-digit LED display on the front panel, which allows you to directly read the current setting of the car battery charger, even if you are a little further away from the device.

Factory second
Voltage / Frequency
230 V / 50 Hz
Charging voltage
12 / 24 V
Max charging current
100 A
Max charging current for the jump start
430 A
Length, connection cable
150 cm
Length, charging cable +
200 cm
Length, charging cable -
180 cm
Max energy consumption
2,2 kW
Max energy consumption for the jump start
12 kW
Recommended battery capacity
100 - 800 Ah
Battery type
Dimensions (LxWxH)
33 x 37,9 x 62,5 cm
22,8 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
74 x 39 x 34,5 cm
Shipping weight
26,3 kg

Can the charger be used with the battery still in the car, or does the battery need to be removed before charging it?

The battery can be charged while still in the car, but you should put the car in a garage, so as not to have environmental factors affecting the charging.

Is the device easy to transport?

The compact device has two large wheels, thanks to which transportation is very easy.

  • Heavy Duty Battery Charger S-CHARGER-65A.2
  • Starter cable
  • Power cable
  • 2 wheels
  • 2 wheel covers
  • Circlip
  • 3 fuses
  • Metal axle
  • Instruction manual

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