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Gjenstand: EX10070004


Modell: GOLDBRUNN 2000

Melting Furnace - 2 kg

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  • First quality material
  • Designed for professional use
  • Melting temperature up to 1100 °C
  • Ultra-modern PID module
  • Digital settings


The melting furnace Goldbrunn by Goldbrunn was designed for professional use and distinguishes from other products by its compact construction. Thanks to the use of high quality materials, this melting furnace perfectly meets the expectations of the industry as well as the needs of a private use.

The maximum programmable temperature is of 1100 °C. Thereby, the melting furnace is perfect to melt precious metals. The melting point of silver is reached at 961 °C, gold gets molten at 1064 °C and copper gets liquid at 1084 °C.

The regulation of the heating temperature is pretty simple thanks to the ultra-modern PID modulewhich allows a digital setting with a precision of one degree. The PID module controls every 2 seconds the real temperature in the heating chamber, which avoids an overheating or cooling down of the metal. The temperature is kept constant at the melting point.

Thanks to the use of an efficient, heat resistant insulation, the radial heating element of 1900 W can develop its whole power around the crucible without energy loss and with a good homogeneous repartition of the heat. The high power and the good insulation enable to reach rapidly the temperature set.

Furthermore, a thermal isolated grid protects from unintentional contacts with the melting chamber. The security by the use of our melting furnaces was stressed by the production to avoid any risks for the user.

The melting crucible is out of pure graphite, a high quality material for more resistance to heat. The manufacturing on the lathe keeps the stability of the mineral. The pouring spout simplifies the casting of the molten metal.

We also deliver a tong perfectly adapted to the crucible. Precision and security are particularly stressed by the design of our products!


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I love it in appearance, but didn't use yet to it to give any opinion.


The appearance is good, quality is good. Working very good. The delivery was really fast. Thank you so much!