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Gjenstand: EX10010951


Modell: RCKV-150/39-S5

Kjølevitrine - 150 x 39 cm - 6 GN 1/3 Beholdere

kr 11 999,00 kr 12 999,00
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  • Quick and efficient cooling with a 115 W compressor
  • Large capacity of 60 litres - space for 6 GN 1/3 containers
  • Automatic thermostat for cooling from 2 to 10 °C
  • Clean and hygienic - high-quality stainless steel casing with a lid


Countertop Refrigerated Display Case - 150 x 39 cm - 6 GN 1/3 Containers

Royal Catering's RCKV-150/39-S5 refrigerated display case keeps food fresh and attractive by keeping it cool and storing it, whether it's for serving or preparing dishes. Royal Catering's professional refrigerator has been designed for restaurants, cafeterias, ice cream parlours, bars, hotels, etc. It is also an invaluable device for pizzerias and salad bars.

Find more information on the GN containers on our data sheet.