Kakaodispenser - 3 liter

Leverandør: Royal Catering | Artikkelnummer EX10010555 | Modell: RCSS-3

Kakaodispenser - 3 liter
Kakaodispenser - 3 liter
Kakaodispenser - 3 liter
Kakaodispenser - 3 liter
Kakaodispenser - 3 liter
Kakaodispenser - 3 liter
Kakaodispenser - 3 liter
Kakaodispenser - 3 liter
Kakaodispenser - 3 liter
Kakaodispenser - 3 liter
Kakaodispenser - 3 liter
Kakaodispenser - 3 liter
Kakaodispenser - 3 liter
Kakaodispenser - 3 liter
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  • capacity: 3 L
  • power: 1200 W
  • material: stainless steel
  • temperature range up to 90 °C
  • perforated lid

  • ideal for producing hot chocolate as well as heating and maintaining the temperature of mulled wine, tea and other hot beverages
  • detachable container made of plastic
  • capacity of 3 L
  • with tap and drip pan
  • perforated lid
  • for cups and mugs of a height of up to 12 cm
  • including measuring cup (0,5 L)

Kakaodispenser - 3 liter

The Hot Chocolate Dispenser RCSS-3 by Royal Catering is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a detachable, transparent plastic container which can hold up to 3 litres. This capacity enables users to prepare large quantities of hot chocolate and have them ready for serving. The lid is used to close the container, which, thanks to a heat insulted grip, can be easily removed. Thanks to the perforated lid the hot steam can escape. At the bottom of the device is a drip pan which catches all liquids that have spilled over. The device is robust, solid, and, because of the top-grade materials, very easy to clean. On top of that, the hot chocolate dispenser is quiet during use and the temperature can be freely and quickly adjusted up to 90 °C.

Article Number
230 V / 50 Hz
1200 W
Casing: Stainless Steel, Container: Plastic
3 L
Temperature Range
0 - 90 °C
Diameter of the Container
20 cm
max. Height of Cups/Mugs
12 cm
Height of the Container
14,5 cm
Cable Length
1,5 m
Dimensions (LxWxH)
32,00 x 20,50 x 41,00 cm
4,85 kg
Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH)
27,00 x 27,00 x 46,00 cm
Shipping Weight
6,00 kg
Teknisk tegning
  • Hot Chocolate Dispenser RCSS-3    
  • measuring cup (0,5 L)
  • drip pan
  • instruction manual

Large volume of 5 L allows you to serve many guests


Versatile: For chocolate, milk, or mulled beer or wine


Decorative design is ideal for professional food service

Thermostat maintains consistant temperature

Practical spigot makes serving easy

Tested by Artur Siwiec, head pastry chef of prestigious hotels and restaurants in Berlin and Warsaw. A professional with 20 years of career experience.

Tank made of safe, BPA-free polycarbonate

Attractive beverage presentation


For cups and glasses up to 120 mm tall


4 rubber feet provide stability


My recipe for the perfect beverage is a combination of 300 ml of milk (3.2% fat), 100 ml cream (30% fat), 30 g milk chocolate and 100 g dark chocolate.

Important: Never carry the hot chocolate dispenser by the spigot..


1,000 W quickly heats contents to max. 90 °C

Mixing system

Excellent consistency thanks to constant stirring


Drip tray and ease of disassembly simplify cleaning


0% BPA

Gjennomgå av Michal Expondo Expert (2. aug. 2018)

Perfectly prepared chocolate

In every kitchen where I have had the pleasure of working, chocolate has been used almost year-round in some form or another. However, working with it is very problematic and time-consuming. It must be melted or tempered, but it is very easy to overheat. However, the dispenser does this perfectly and makes it possible to maintain the desired temperature over a longer period of time. The machine is easy to clean, making working with chocolate simple and pleasant. I recommend it for every kitchen and especially for pastry shops, where chocolate toppings are used all the time.

Kjøkkensjef ved prestisjefylte restauranter i Sydney og Warszawa. En profesjonell og erfaren gastronom.

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