B-varer Sjokoladefontene - 5 nivåer - 6 kg

Artikkelnummer EX20010544 / Modell: RCCF-65W4

B-varer Sjokoladefontene - 5 nivåer - 6 kg

  • Artikkelnummer EX20010544
  • Modell: RCCF-65W4
  • I produktserien siden: 2017
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Chocolate Fountain - 5 Levels – 6 kg

Professional products from Royal Catering are valuable equipment for catering companies, for restaurants or hotels, especially when organizing weddings, birthdays, banquets and other celebrations. The double-layered chocolate fountain is used to make fondue from warm, liquid chocolate or other ingredients (e.g., melted cheese, caramel, sauces, syrup or ketchup). Depending on your preference, you can sweeten various food items like fruit, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, donuts, ice cream or mousse at the fountain.

Turn your party into an unforgettable experience and sweeten the food with the chocolate fountain RCCF-65W4 from Royal Catering


The elegant design of the Royal Catering cascade system makes sure that your party is even more of a success. The professional device is easily accessible from every side and will surely pass the test at any hotel, restaurant or wedding party. You can also use the chocolate fountain privately, for example for birthday parties.


Thanks to its high capacity, the chocolate fountain RCCF-65W4 by Royal Catering can handle up to 6 kg of liquids at one time. Ingredients such as chocolate, caramel, gravy, syrup, melted cheese, etc. can be used. The screw design ensures the free flow of the liquid during the food preparation and prevents blockages.


The integrated overheating protection ensures everybody’s safety during operation and switches off the chocolate fountain when the temperature is too high. In addition, the cooling of the engine is aided by special ventilation openings. This model has two buttons that start the engine and the heating element separately.


The stainless steel materials are easy to clean. The well can be easily disassembled for washing each part separately. Hygiene regulations are always met and taste neutrality is ensured. The material is very resistant and insensitive to mechanical damages.


The Royal Catering equipment has non-slip feet, which do not scratch the surface and increase the stability. The undisturbed course of your events is ensured with the quiet chocolate fountain RCCF-65W4. It perfectly adds to your catering supplies. The compact device (33 × 33 × 71.6 cm) fits on any work surface and the low weight (6.45 kg) makes for an easy transport and storage.


  • For various kinds of fondue (chocolate, cheese, caramel, sauce, syrup or ketchup)
  • Efficient 250 watts heating element for a quick heating
  • Large capacity - up to 6 kg of ingredients
  • Easy to clean - quick disassembly and durable stainless steel
  • Easy to use - sturdy construction and compact dimensions
  • High safety standard - overheat protection


Factory second
Stainless steel, plastic
Max heating power
250 W
Max engine power
65 W
Max total power
315 W
Temperature range
0 - 110 °C
Total capacity
6 kg
Length, power cable
138,5 cm
6,5 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
68 x 52 x 28 cm
Shipping weight
8,7 kg
  • Chocolate fountain RCCF-65W4
  • Instruction manual

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