B-varer Water Air Cooler with Heat Function - 4-in-1 - 6 L water tank

Artikkelnummer EX20250250 / Modell: UNI_COOLER_01

B-varer Water Air Cooler with Heat Function - 4-in-1 - 6 L water tank

  • Artikkelnummer EX20250250
  • Modell: UNI_COOLER_01
  • I produktserien siden: 2019
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Water Air Cooler with Heat Function - 4-in-1 - 6 L water tank

Improve the indoor climate with the water air cooler UNI_COOLER_01 from Uniprodo. This air cooler is a true all-rounder. Cooling and heating rooms, as well as humidifying and cleaning the air, are a breeze for this device. By evaporating water or ice from the 6 litre water tank, the evaporative air cooler releases a cool stream of air into the room. It can supply any room up to 500 m³ with fresh air and cool it by max. 3 to 5 °C. Whether in your garage, workshop, office or even on a construction site, the air cooler ensures optimum temperatures and clean air.


Unlike an air conditioner, the air cooler does not use coolants to lower the room temperature, but instead uses the natural principle of evaporation. Water air coolers are at their most efficient in environments with hot, dry air. In very muggy weather, however, they have almost no cooling capacity. These climate control systems are only effective in spaces with dry air with less than 40% humidity and can only create a drop in temperature up to the dew point. In addition, the radius of the air cooler is limited, which somewhat slows the cooling of the room.

Cost-efficient cooling or high-power heating - it all depends on the right temperature


The cooling function is powered by just 78 watts, making it very cost effective. You not only save energy, but also protect the environment! Keep in mind that the air cooler is most efficient in rooms with dry air. You need warm air on cold days. That is why we have integrated a powerful 1,800 watt heater. Heat up your space to a comfortable temperature in no time.


You can operate the air cooler via a user-friendly LED display with soft membrane keys and corresponding symbols. The heating function is initiated outside the control panel, with a switch on the side of the casing. With the handy Superslim remote control, you can comfortably control the air cooler from up to 5 metres away.


Three adjustable power levels make the air cooler economical to adjust. The large fan and the automatic swivel movement allow for optimal adaptation to weather and room conditions. You can quickly and effectively supply a space of approx. 400 to 500 m³/hr with air. The air flow can be set to three modes: nature, normal and sleep. The nature mode works at intervals, simulating a natural, uneven airflow.

The right time for fresh, clean and cool air


When the mobile air cooler is turned on, you can use the timer function to set it to turn off after a certain amount of time. Within a maximum of twelve hours, you can have the air cooler switched off every hour.


The water-air system is particularly energy-efficient. This device has a 6 litre water tank. The two included ice cartridges can also improve the cooling performance. The device consumes between 0.5 to 0.6 litres of water per hour. There is a water level indicator built in to the front of the device for checking the water level. Another advantage in addition to the energy savings is that this air cooler requires no fixed outdoor installation and annoying hose.


Thanks to its compact dimensions, side handles, castors and light weight of 6.5 kg, the electric air cooler is easy to transport. The castors are made of nylon, which is extremely low-wear. With the 1.5 metre-long power cable, you can flexibly position the portable air cooler. This makes it possible to use the cooler in different rooms or to take it with you to external events as a supplementary air source.


The air cooler stands out for its sturdy PS and ABS plastic housing. These materials are perfect for this device, as they are known for their durability and guarantee both low and high temperature resistance. The grid frame and water tank can be easily removed for easy maintenance. The wide and flat fins make this device easy to clean.


  • 4-in-1 - Cool, clean, humidify and heat air
  • Long-term cooling - 6 L water tank and 2 ice cartridges
  • Cost-efficient - 78 W during cooling
  • Remote control with range of up to 5 m
  • 3 air flow options, 3 power levels, optional pivot movement


Is the air cooler mobile?

Yes, due to its compact size and low weight, the air cooler is intended for mobile use. The device is easy to transport thanks to its nylon castors and light weight.

Does the air cooler have an exhaust hose?

No, the air cooler works with the physical process of evaporative cooling.

  • Water air cooler UNI_COOLER_01
  • Remote control
  • 2 ice cartridges
  • 4 castors
  • Assembly accessories
  • Instruction manual

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