B-varer Stainless Steel Postbox - 3 Mailboxes

Artikkelnummer EX20250261 / Modell: UNI_LETTER_01

B-varer Stainless Steel Postbox - 3 Mailboxes

  • Artikkelnummer EX20250261
  • Modell: UNI_LETTER_01
  • I produktserien siden: 2019
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Stainless Steel Postbox - 3 Slots

The stainless steel postbox UNI_LETTER_01 by Uniprodo has three mailboxes with their own nameplate holder. It can therefore be used by three different households. The modern postbox system can be used inside and outside for a variety of applications.

The safe postal unit for up to three parties


The stainless steel postbox has three separate mailboxes that have been designed to be particularly spacious and, with their dimensions of 27.5x34.3x8 centimetres, have a lot of space for various direct mail items. Even magazines can be stored flat in the mailboxes, without creases. The high capacity of the mailbox allows you to store large quantities of mail.


Each compartment has its own nameplate holder and can therefore be individually labelled by its user. These holders are located directly below the slot, so that the allocation of mail is always clear and unambiguous. Transparent plastic covers ensure that the nameplates are protected against external influences and remain legible. You do not need to label the holders and you see at one glance whether you have mail or not.


Each mailbox has its own robust lock, which protects the mail against unauthorized access. The locks can be easily opened with the key, included in the delivery, and securely closed again. Each user receives two keys for their own compartment, so the second key can be used as a spare. The sturdy steel locks ensure the permanent safety of your mail delivery.


The postbox is made from stainless steel and is very robust and durable. The robust stainless steel allows you to put the postbox outdoors. It will retain its shiny, flawless appearance for a long time. In addition to that, the resistant stainless steel cover is easy to clean and to maintain.


With a total height of 128 centimetres, the timelessly elegant mailbox offers the most convenient access to your mail. It can be safely and effortlessly mounted onto various concrete, brick or stone surfaces, with the use of six sturdy anchors. Special cover rings ensure a secure closure of the floor mounting as well as perfect, professional optics.


The mailboxes have rubber inserts on the inside that allow for a quiet and smooth closing of the individual slots. The rubber inserts also protect the postbox itself against damage and help keeping it in a perfect condition, even after prolonged use.


  • 3 large, separate mailboxes, high capacity
  • Individual nameplate holders
  • Safe locks, 2 keys for each compartment included
  • Robust stainless steel casing, for indoors and outdoors
  • Sturdy pillars, 128 cm
  • Rubber pads for silent and convenient mail-slot closing


Anzahl Postfächer
Maße Postfach
27,5 x 34,3 x 8 cm
Maße Einwurf
27,5 x 32,5 x 3 cm
128 cm
Durchmesser Standbeine
5 cm
Maße (LxBxH)
51,5 x 28 x 128 cm
7,2 kg
Versandmaße (LxBxH)
41,5 x 31 x 41 cm
9,5 kg

Für welche Bereiche ist der Briefkasten gedacht?

Der Edelstahlbriefkasten kann sowohl innen wie außen verwendet werden. Die 128 cm hohe Briefkastenhalterung kann auf jedem Untergrund mit 6 stabilen Schrauben befestigt werden.

Ist meine Post sicher, wenn der Briefkasten direkt vor meinem Haus steht?

Dank der festen Schlösser sind alle drei Fächer vor Einwirkungen von außen geschützt. Bei schlechten Wetterverhältnissen bleibt die Post im Innenraum vor Nässe geschützt. Darüber hinaus ist Edelstahl ein sehr widerstandsfähiges Material das auch hohen Belastungen standhält.

  • Postbox UNI_LETTER_01
  • Mounting material (4 long screws, 4 short screws, 6 thick screws, 4 nuts, 2 long standpipes, 2 short standpipes, 2 cover rings)
  • 6 keys
  • Instruction manual

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