B-varer Kranvekt - 500 kg

Artikkelnummer EX20200015 / Modell: CEKO+LCD500V-BB

B-varer Kranvekt - 500 kg

  • Artikkelnummer EX20200015
  • Modell: CEKO+LCD500V-BB
  • I produktserien siden: 2018
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Kranvekt - 500 kg

The crane scale from TEM is trading-approved and complies with the respective legal requirements. Thanks to its fulfilment of these requirements, it is perfectly suited for any trading business and professional industrial supplies. With a carrying capacity of 500 kg and a number of additional advantages, such as Bluetooth communication, easily readable LCD, high capacity battery and much more, it is far ahead of its competitors. Equip yourself professionally!

Certified, commercial-authorised crane scale for price determination in trade


The crane scale from TEM has a lifting capacity of up to 500 kg. Due to its certification for commercial transactions, it is specifically designed for weighing goods, the weight of which determines the final price. Such a certification requires the adherence to strict precision standards and being examined by an approved place. This guarantees that the scale is trade-approved. Thanks to the certification, the crane scale can be legally used in commercial business where prices depend on the good's weight. The certification is officially characterized by the label (black M on a green background).


The state-of-the-art crane scale can be operated and controlled via an Android app, thanks to the Bluetooth connection. Users can download the corresponding Android app (TEM Weight-Limiter) on their mobile device. With the app you can not only read the measured values, but also select functions such as switching app sounds on and off, TARE function, ZERO function, inputting the selected warning limit and much more.


With a maximum carrying capacity of 500 kg, the crane scale offers a broad application for heavy loads of each size. The minimum load is 4 kg. Its high precision weighing distinguishes the TEM crane scale and is a must for a commercially approved crane scale. The crane scale is accurate to 200 g with a maximum capacity of 500 kg.


Via a simple and comfortable 5-key control panel you can set and control the scale. All the keys use symbols and are therefore self-explanatory. In addition to the backlight option button, there are more buttons for taring, selecting different functions and setting the zero function. The scale also has acoustic signals, which additionally inform the user about the implemented actions. All the information is located in the user manual.


Beside thick solid hangers, a crane scale must also have a heavy and sturdy crane hook. The TEM scale has a durable, certified hook, which withstands a load of 500 kg and is installed with a simple, but proven mechanism. Above the scale is a thick, chrome-coated iron hanger. This allows for safer and more efficient work.


With a high performance, loadable and energy-saving battery of 6 V and 3.2 Ah, the crane scale has a work duration of up to 100 hours. For an immediate use, the scale will be shipped pre-calibrated. Thus, you can use your new scale for weighing goods without any delay!


To offer the highest quality, the device was made with extremely durable, high quality materials. The display housing consists of sturdy ABS plastic, while the hanger is made of chrome-coated iron, similarly to the sturdy crane hook. This way the device's durability is guaranteed. TEM stands for qualitative industrial supplies and reliability, which is why the crane has a three-year warranty.


  • commercial approved crane scale for professional use in trade
  • Bluetooth connectivity with control via mobile app
  • powerful, rechargeable battery for a work duration of up to 100 hours
  • modern LCD display with background lighting
  • durable and solid construction


Material Gehäuse
Material Aufhänger
Eisen, chrombeschichtet
Material Kranhaken
Eisen, lackiert
7,8 V, 1,2 A AC
Spannung / Frequenz
100 - 230 V, 50 Hz
3,2 Ah
Wiederaufladbarer Akku
Max. Tragkraft
500 kg
Min. Tragkraft
4 kg
W1: 4 kg - 500 kg
W1: 200 g
-10 °C ~ +40 °C
Display mit Hintergrundbeleuchtung
Größe Ziffern
28 mm
Bluetooth Verbindung
Mobile App zur Bluetooth Kommunikation
TEM Weight-Limiter
Länge Netzteilkabel
1,7 m
Maße (LxBxH)
19,8 x 10,5 x 34,5 cm
2,69 kg
Versandmaße (LxBxH)
33 x 24,5 x 20 cm
3,4 kg

Does expondo offer any other crane scales?

Yes, expondo offers a wide array of both commercially approved and commercially unauthorised scales. You can view all products under the category of "industrial supplies-scales-crane scales".

What does 200 g precision at 500 kg?

An accuracy of 200 g for a 500 kg heavy load means that the maximum deviation is 500 g, which can occur when weighing a load of 500 kg.

What does 200 g precision at 500 kg?

An accuracy of 200 g for a 500 kg heavy load means that the maximum deviation is 500 g, which can occur when weighing a load of 500 kg.

  • Crane scale CEKO+LCD500V-BB
  • Crane hook
  • AC/DC power pack    
  • Operating instructions

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