B-varer Counting Scale - officially calibrated - 30 kg / 10 g
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B-varer Counting Scale - officially calibrated - 30 kg / 10 g

Leverandør: TEM | Artikkelnummer EX20200038 | Modell: TNS030D-O

B-varer Counting Scale - officially calibrated - 30 kg / 10 g
B-varer Counting Scale - officially calibrated - 30 kg / 10 g
B-varer Counting Scale - officially calibrated - 30 kg / 10 g
B-varer Counting Scale - officially calibrated - 30 kg / 10 g
B-varer Counting Scale - officially calibrated - 30 kg / 10 g
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  • 30 kg / 10 g
  • Officially calibrated / certified
  • Weighing platform 23 x 30 cm
  • Memory with shortcut keys
  • Battery run time up to 40 hrs

Piece by piece, exact weighing results with the counting scale from TEM


The digital counting scale meets the requirements for trade, as confirmed by the quality mark M. It is delivered already calibrated and certified. This first certification is valid for the first two years of use, after which the calibration should be recertified by an authorised person according to national regulations. Only then will the scale receive the sticker of official calibration. After two years, the scale can be recertified by the certification authorities. You will also receive a declaration of conformity which you should keep with the scale, as well as a sticker with the year of certification. This ensures that you can legally use the scale for goods which will be offered for sale.

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The portable counting scale is extremely precise, with an accuracy of 10 gram for a maximum load of 30 kilograms. The certification, which must be renewed after two years, guarantees that the deviation is not exceeded. The measured values for the total weight, unit weight and the quantity of pieces are shown on 3 LED displays located right below the weighing platform. The displays' 14 millimetre-high digits are clearly readable.

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The clearly-designed control panel is easy to use. All of the basic functions such as tare or save can be selected directly. The memory function enables you to specify the unit weight of up to 250 items. For daily use, you can select the unit weight of one of 8 items with the touch of a single button and use it to calculate the total quantity.

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The weighing surface is made of robust, low-maintenance stainless steel and measures 23 x 30 centimetres, providing plenty of space for goods of different sizes. The non-slip and height-adjustable rubber feet ensure stable and level footing. An integrated level allows you to check whether the scale is horizontally level before weighing.

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The scale's display is powered by a battery, making it also suitable for mobile use. The display has an incredible battery life of up to 40 hours. The display also has a battery status indicator so you know when you need to charge the battery. The compact size and convenient carrying handle make the device easy to store and transport.

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The scale is constructed from high-quality materials for maximum durability and quality. The housing of the display is made of sturdy ABS plastic, while the weighing platform is made of resilient stainless steel, thus guaranteeing the longevity of the device. TEM stands for quality industrial equipment and reliability. That's why the scale comes with a 3-year warranty.

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  • Calibrated, certified and suitable for business
  • Certified weighing accuracy of 10 g for 30 kg
  • Memory spaces for up to 250 items with 8 shortcut keys
  • 3 clear LED displays
  • Compact weighing platform of 23 x 30 cm

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Counting Scale - officially calibrated - 30 kg / 10 g

The counting scale enables you to determine quantity by means of weight - whether you're counting screws, candies, or other piece goods that you trade or handle on a day-to-day basis. The officially calibrated scale from TEM has a compact design, is easy to use and meets the high precision requirements for counting scales in commerce.

TNS 030D -O
Voltage / Frequency
110 - 230 V / 50 Hz
Material, housing
ABS plastic
Material, weighing platform
Stainless steel
Power supply
7,8 V, 1,2 A AC
Battery capacity
6 V, 4,5 Ah
Battery service life
Up to 40 hrs
Dimensions, platform
23 x 30 cm
Max. load
30 kg
10 g
Unit of weight
Kg, g
Officially calibrated
Display type
LED with background light
Number of displays
Height, digits
14 mm
Tare / Zero / Count / Save / Memory
Operating temperature
-10 °C ~ +40 °C
Dimensions (LxWxH)
33 x 32,5 x 16 cm
3,8 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
37,5 x 34,5 x 23 cm
Shipping weight
4,6 kg
  • Counting scale TNS030D-O
  • Power cable
  • Battery
  • Instruction manual

Does the scale have a memory function?

The counting scale has memory space for up to 250 items. 8 articles can be called up directly with the push of a single button.

Can I also use the scale on the go?

The scale is powered by a battery, allowing you to operate it independently from a power source. This makes it perfect for market booths or other places without available power.

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