Gjenstand: EX20030049


Modell: SBS-LW-7500A

B-varer Precision Scales - 7,500 g / 0.1 g

kr 1 299,00 kr 1 599,00
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Leveringstid ca. 7-10 dager

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  • Accuracy of 0.1 g
  • LCD display
  • Weighing platform of 18 x 18 cm, stainless steel
  • Foot screws
  • Charger included


The digital precision scale SBS-LW-7500A by Steinberg Systems has a weighing range up to 7500 g and an accuracy of 0.1 g. This scale combines modules of the precisest technology and is equipped with the modernest electronic systems to offer measurements of constant accuracy. Depending on the setting, the scale can turn off automatically after 2.4 or 8 minutes. The scale is multifunctional, precise, reliable and easy to use.

The dimensions of the digital precision scale SBS-LW-7500A are x x cm for a weight of kg.