B-varer LCD-Separator med UV-lampe

Artikkelnummer EX20020145 / Modell: S-LS-23

B-varer LCD-Separator med UV-lampe

  • Artikkelnummer EX20020145
  • Modell: S-LS-23
  • I produktserien siden: 2017
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  • high versatility - work surface up to 8 inches
  • safe and firm grip thanks to the vacuum gripper
  • optional temperature control
  • UV lamp for hardening the repaired screens
  • intuitive operation via a clearly arranged control panel with LED display


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LCD Separator with UV Lamp

Whenever you need to efficiently repair a screen, be it for mobile phones, smartphones or tablets, the LCD separator from Stamos Soldering is the ideal device. Our S-LS-23 model is particularly suitable for electronic workshops and telephony services, but also for do-it-yourself enthusiasts and hobby workshops. This device is equipped with a heater, a gripper and three temperature modes. Additionally, it is fitted with a digital display to increase your work comfort.


The quick heating unit conveniently produces 370 Watts. Thanks to its 14 watts and 0.005 Mpa suction power, the vacuum suction plate (vacuum gripper) enables you to hold the repair equipment on the work surface. The smartphone is to be placed on a special rubber mat, also comprised in the Stamos Soldering kit. No tools are necessary for tightening.

Safe and firm grip with the LCD separator with UV lamp from Stamos Welding Group for your crafting needs


The temperature control is based on three modes: 50, 80 (recommended) or 120 °C, so that you can adjust the device to the specifics of the screen you're working on. The selected value of the LCD separator is indicated by the LED at the front of the device, while the temperature by the digital display.


Also installed on the front of the LCD heater is the 5-volt USB port, which enables the connection to compatible devices. Thanks to the large high-quality aluminium working surface, you can work on devices with a maximum diagonal of 8 inches.


Stamos Soldering offers an LCD-Separator, which can be used for repairing touch screen devices such as smartphones, tablets and so on. The S-LS-23 model is an indispensable help for electronics service providers, repair shops and DIY workshops.

Factory second
230 V /50 Hz
370 W
Temperature range
50-120 °C
Temperature stability
± 2°C
UV lamp power
16 W
Suction pressure
0,05 Mpa
Aluminium work surface
20 × 11 cm
USB Output
5V, 1A
Aluminium ground resistance
< 2 Ω
Dimensions (LxWxH):
31 x 17 x 12,5 cm
3,25 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
38 x 21 x 18 cm
Shipping weight
3,7 kg
  • LCD separator S-LS-23
  • Rubber mat
  • Separator bar
  • Operating instructions

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