B-varer Plasma cutter - 120 A - 400 V - Pilot ignition

Artikkelnummer EX20020006 / Modell: S-Plasma 120

B-varer Plasma cutter - 120 A - 400 V - Pilot ignition

  • Artikkelnummer EX20020006
  • Modell: S-Plasma 120
  • I produktserien siden: 2008
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Plasma cutter - 120 A - 400 V - Pilot ignition

The expert for craft supplies Stamos Germany offers first-class plasma cutters as well as welders. The Pro-range has been developed with inverter technology and is the best choice for maximum energy savings. In workshops, in agriculture and car repair shops, you need a cutting unit that is robust, flexible and reliable. The mobile plasma cutter S-Plasma 120P combines these features. Coated or rusted materials can be easily handled. All you need is a rotary current and pressurized air.

Attention! The device will be delivered without a high current connector!

Cut through steel as if it was butter - with the plasma cutter S-Plasma 120P by Stamos Germany


The plasma cutter is perfectly suited for precisely cutting stainless steel, nickel, titanium, zirconium and other electro conductive metals of up to 32 mm thickness. It generates a very stable light arc with very high temperatures which allows you to cut through thick steel as if it were butter. The cutting current of the plasma cutter S-Plasma 120P is adjustable between 20 and 120 amps which means that the device is adaptable to all conditions. First-class cutting quality, separation cuts and precision. You get perfect cuts, even at the more difficult end parts, because of the high reserve capacity. This high quality allows for better results with less reworks.


Saving time and working efficiently is becoming more and more important. Use your time in an effective manner - with the plasma cutter by Stamos Germany. The cutting speed is high, which ensures precise and high-quality weld seams, a deep weld penetration and minimal material distortion. The separate inverter for the auxiliary arc current ensures constant results. The device has a jump-start-function which allows you to start it even during the gas post-flow.

Energy efficiency - Expensive plasma gas is a thing of the past


The device is powered by 400 volts. You can also use a generator with a minimum power output of 8 kVA for mobile operation. The plasma cutter is powered with inexpensive pressurized air. You need a compressor with a pressure of ingoing air of 6.2 bar and a passage of air of 170 l/m. This is best achieved with a 10-bar-compressor.


The construction stands out for its compact, robust design and its low tare weight of only 38.2 kg. This, and the comfortable handles, is why the plasma cutter can be easily transported. The air-cooled cutting unit has a powder-coated sheet steel casing. The plasma cutter has a 4.2 m ground cable. You can work on a large scale without being hindered by a short cable.


  • Exact current thanks to the seamless adjustment of the cutting current
  • High-powered ventilation for efficient cooling
  • Cost-effective with inexpensive pressurized air
  • Compact, mobile construction, versatile applications
  • Jump-start-function, even during the gas post-flow


S-Plasma 120P
Factory second
Input voltage
400 V, 3-phase
Input frequency
50 / 60 Hz
Rated input current
21 A
Input current, max.
29 A
Rated input power
13,6 kVA
Input power, max.
18,8 kVA
Open-circuit voltage
268 V
Cutting current
20 – 120 A
Duty cycle
60 %
Cutting current at 100 % DC
92 A
Cutting current at 60 % DC
120 A
HF - High frequency
Cutting power
32 mm
Kerf width
1,4 mm
Air flow
170 l/min
Air pressure
6 bar
Length, cable assembly
4,2 m
Length, ground cable
4,3 m
Length, power cord connection
1,3 m
Device cooling
Cooling distiller
Power factor
Efficiency (below rated power)
≥ 0.85
Insulation class
Protection class
Dimensions (LxWxH)
57 x 49,5 x 29 cm
38,2 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
67 x 39 x 53 cm
Shipping weight
43,2 kg

The welder is equipped with a MOSFET transistor. This technology represents the highest standards of performance combined with compact and lightweight design. The result is 93% efficiency! The welding current is very stable and thus ensures a perfect weld.


Powerful fans ensure an optimal removal of heat from the unit.


For plasma cutting, a gas is required with which the molten metal is blown away from the work surface. Compressed air is a common solution for this. For this purpose, the plasma cutter has a compressor connection.


On the back of every welding machine is a screw with an earthing mark. Before use, earth the unit via a cross-section cable, which must be at least 6 mm².


This device works with a 3-phase connection (400 V +/- 10 %).


Start the weld by placing pressure on the torch button. Stop the process by releasing the button.


The plasma arc melts the metal and the kinetic energy of the compressed air blows the metal aside.


Shows the welding / cutting parameters.


The LED light indicates overheating or a malfunction.


Shows the value of compressed air the compressor delivers to the plasma cutter. The plasma cutter has a pressure reducing valve which regulates the air pressure.

Which gas is used with the plasma cutter?

With this model, please use only pressurized air.

How much pressurized air is needed?

The plasma cutter needs 175 l/min at 5.5 bar.

  • Plasma cutter S-Plasma 120P
  • Ground cable with clamp (4.3 m)
  • Cable assembly (4.2 m)
  • Air hose
  • Pressure regulator
  • Manometer
  • Plasma cutter torch neck
  • Plasma cutting point
  • Ceramic ring
  • Instruction manual

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