Røykmaskin - LED 24 x 3 W - RGB - timer

Leverandør: Singercon | Artikkelnummer EX10110029 | Modell: CON.FM-1500B 24L

Røykmaskin - LED 24 x 3 W - RGB - timer
Røykmaskin - LED 24 x 3 W - RGB - timer
Røykmaskin - LED 24 x 3 W - RGB - timer
Røykmaskin - LED 24 x 3 W - RGB - timer
Røykmaskin - LED 24 x 3 W - RGB - timer
Røykmaskin - LED 24 x 3 W - RGB - timer
Røykmaskin - LED 24 x 3 W - RGB - timer
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  • Power: 1,500 W
  • Haze amount: 509 m3/min
  • LED: 24 x 3 W
  • Connection to DMX console / timer
  • Container for fluid: 3 L

Create atmospheric effects with light and fog


The smoke machine is equipped with 24 3-watt LEDs that infuse the emerging fog with red, blue or green to create the perfect lighting mood. In addition to the three base colours, you can also mix colours, introduce colour changes or set strobe effects.

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The powerful 1,500-watt fog generator is highly efficient, producing up to 509 m3 per minute. The smoke machine needs only four minutes of warm-up time to reach its maximum performance. The haze produced has a range of up to 6 metres. You can set actual haze production and emission, as well as the distribution of the haze, via a DMX interface, directly on the device itself, or via a remote control.

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When controlling the machine using a DMX console, you can use seven available channels to separately regulate fog output, the three colours red, green and blue, and strobe light effects. In addition, there is also an integrated program as well as timing for the program. Eight possible combinations of individual channels ensure variety.

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The automatic haze production can also be controlled via the control panel on the machine itself. The panel has clearly-arranged buttons and an LCD display. You can use the timer to set intervals for fog production from 0 to 200 seconds long. You can also set the fog volume between 0 and 100 percent via the control panel. Finally, you can also generate haze manually. The control panel on the device is deactivated when a DMX console is connected.

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In addition to the DMX console, you can also use the remote control to control the device. This allows you to simply and directly influence fog production and lights and gives you the ability to react flexibly to the mood of the room. The remote control has a range of 20 metres.

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The haze generator is equipped with a robust and durable steel housing. Its compact design, handle and light weight make the haze machine especially suited to mobile use.

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The device is equipped with a control system for temperature regulation, which guarantees the rapid warm-up time of just five minutes. There is an overheat protection function for the necessary safety during use.

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  • 24 3-watt LEDs in red, green and blue (RGB) for atmospheric light effects at any event
  • Powerful 1,500 W motor creates haze at a rate of 509 m 3 /min
  • 7 channels for the DMX console with 8 possible channel combinations
  • Flexible control methods - control panel, remote control or DMX console
  • Intuitive control panel with LCD display on device
  • Continuous or interval fog production

Røykmaskin - LED 24 x 3 W - RGB - timer

Haze and light intermingle to create captivating atmospheres to wow your guests. The haze machine CON.FM-1500B 24L from Singercon combines haze with light effects in various colours to match your wildest imaginings. This device stands out for its versatile and simple operation. You can position it either horizontally or vertically for optimum fog distribution.

CON.FM-1500B 24L
Item number
Material, housing
230 V
1,500 W
Warm-up time
4 min
Capacity, fluid container
3 L
Consumption, fluid
1 L per 25 min
Haze temperature
52 °C
Haze production per minute
509 m3
Range, haze
Up to 6 m
Power, LED
24 x 3 W
Control panel on device
Connection to DMX console
Remote control
Range, remote control
20 m
Power cable
1,1 m
Dimensions (LxWxH)
38 x 19 x 34,5 cm
9,6 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
43 x 29 x 39 cm
Shipping weight
10,5 kg
  • Haze machine CON.FM-1500B 24L
  • Remote control
  • Power cable
  • Instruction manual

How long does the device need to warm up before it's ready for operation?

The device reaches the required operation temperature after just four minutes.

From what distance can I control the device with the remote?

The distance from the device should not exceed 20 metres.

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