Gjenstand: EX10010236


Modell: RCWS-30

Tallerkenvarmer - for 60 tallerkener

kr 10 799,00
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  • Ideally suited for gastronomical kitchens and buffets
  • For plates with a diameter of up to 29 cm
  • Short heating time
  • Completely automatic thermostat
  • 3 adjustable shelves


Plate Warmer - for 60 Pieces

Cold plates mean that your dishes cool down more quickly. The plate warmer RCWS-30 by Royal Catering solves this problem. You can quickly and easily preheat dishes, ensuring that the food does not cool down too quickly after serving. The delay of the cooling process not only guarantees that your guests can enjoy a perfectly tempered dish, but also avoids stress in the kitchen. The plate heating cabinet can be integrated into your service and is ideal for a catering company or at buffets. The best price for the best quality - high-quality catering supplies at low prices!