Mini-fryseskap med glassdør - 88 L
13199,00 NOK Inkl. mva

Mini-fryseskap med glassdør - 88 L

Leverandør: Royal Catering | Artikkelnummer EX10010434 | Modell: RCFZ-W88L

Mini-fryseskap med glassdør - 88 L
Mini-fryseskap med glassdør - 88 L
Mini-fryseskap med glassdør - 88 L
Mini-fryseskap med glassdør - 88 L
Mini-fryseskap med glassdør - 88 L
Mini-fryseskap med glassdør - 88 L
Mini-fryseskap med glassdør - 88 L
Mini-fryseskap med glassdør - 88 L
Mini-fryseskap med glassdør - 88 L
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13199,00 NOK

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  • Capacity: 88 L
  • Material: steel, aluminium
  • Power: 195 W
  • Insulated glass door
  • LED lighting

With this freezer, you can present your meals to your customers in particularly attractive and creative ways: The cabinet is fitted with a generous glass door, which allows for its whole content to be seen at a glance. Up to 88 litres of goods can be stored and cooled this way. It is ideal for all culinary establishments that aim to present their products in a very appealing fashion.

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Equipped with 3 practical removable shelves, this freezer makes it possible for you to clearly arrange different cooling products and separate them in various cooling chambers. The individual shelves are removable and can be used and combined in whichever way best suits your needs. And since the gridded floor is not firmly fitted, they are particularly easy to clean and maintain.

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The large front glass door was designed from hardened double-layered glazing, the spacing of which contains an air inclusion meant to act as thermal insulation. This way, the temperature is stabilized inside the cooling chamber by preventing temperature transfers between the cool inside and the warmth outside, so that your meals always remain optimally cooled.

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Since the glass door is self-closing and equipped with a practical handle, you can comfortably open and close the freezer at any time. Additionally, the door has a safety lock, which can be quickly and uncomplicatedly operated with the 2 attached keys, thereby reliably protecting the freezer's content against unauthorized access.

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So that you always identify the content at a glance, the cooling chamber has been provided with an attractive interior lighting. The LED lights used have the advantage that they are extremely energy-efficient and have a long shelf life. Especially when it comes to long-term use in the catering industry, this freezer is the most economical solution.

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With its solid steel casing and coined aluminium inside panelling, this freezer offers a particularly high robustness and durability. The cooling chamber's aluminium coating thereby serves as additional insulation and reliably keeps the cold inside. In addition to that, the smooth metal surfaces can be easily cleaned, thus facilitating the maintenance of their already pleasing appearance.

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The freezer's modern cooling system is powered by an efficient air compressor with 195 Watt, allowing for the high target temperatures to be reached in no time. The freezer can be adjusted to any temperature between -7 ° C and -24 °C, which is held by an energy-saving, automatic thermostat. That consequently offers you the possibility to co-ordinate cooling different goods and products to better suit your needs. What is more, the intelligent cooling and exhaust technologies prevent thick ice sheets from forming inside the cooling chamber.

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Thinner ice deposits can be quickly and efficiently removed with the enclosed ice scraper. Thanks to its simple and classical design, this white freezer can seamlessly integrate itself in your enterprise. Furthermore, four adjustable and non-slip rubber feet provide a secure stand.

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  • generous glass door for an appealing presentation of the freezer's content
  • includes 3 interchangeable insert shelves
  • hardened double glazing for good insulation
  • self-locking door
  • energy-saving interior LED lighting
  • robust steel casing with aluminium inside panelling

Fryseskap med glassdør - 88 L

The RCFZ-W88L commercial freezer from Royal Catering is the ideal solution for whoever needs to freeze and store all sorts food or meals. With its compact dimensions, a lockable glass door and a practical interior, this attractive compact freezer is perfect for use in professional kitchens, catering services, fast food restaurants, food stalls, and more.

Item number
Rated input Voltage / Frequency
230 V /50 Hz
88 L
Casing material
Powder-coated steel
Cooling chamber material
195 W
1,5 A
Temperature range
-7 to - 24 °C
Power consumption
2,8 kWh / 24 h
Insert shelf 1
46 x 16,5 cm
Insert shelf 2
46 x 37,5 cm
Insert shelf 3
46 x 37,5 cm
Self-closing swing door
Noise level
46 dB
Adjustable feet
20 mm
Power cable length
2,45 m
Dimensions (LxWxH)
52,00 x 59,50 x 68,50 cm
39,85 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
63,00 x 57,00 x 70,00 cm
Shipping weight
40,60 kg
  • Freezer RCFZ-W88L
  • 3 removable shelves
  • 2 keys
  • Ice scraper
  • Operating instructions

großes Fassungsvermögen von 88 l bietet Platz für viele Produkte


modernes Design und attraktive Ausstattung


ideal für Eis, Desserts und Tiefkühlkost

Doppelverglasung zur Wärmedämmung

Betätigung des Schlosses mit Schlüssel schützt Ware

Getestet von Michał Orłowski, Chefkoch renommierter Restaurants in Sydney und Warschau. Ein professioneller und erfahrener Gastronom, genau wie unsere Kunden.

3 bequem verstellbare Regale

selbstschließende Türen für einfache Handhabung


Aluminium-Innenausstattung hält die Temperatur niedrig


4 verstellbare Füße für Stabilität


Stellen Sie sicher, dass die Tür geschlossen ist. Dies begrenzt die Eisablagerung und der Energieverbrauch ist ebenfalls viel geringer.

Regelmäßiges Abtauen und Reinigen verlängert die Lebensdauer des Geräts und behält seine Leistungsfähigkeit bei. Ich taue meine Geräte mindestens einmal im Monat ab.


Thermostat hält die Temperaturen von -7 bis -24 °C


bruchfeste Türen aus gehärtetem Glas


energieeffizientes LED-Licht leuchtet den Innenraum perfekt aus



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Dette produktet
  • Capacity: 88 L
  • Material: steel, aluminium
  • Power: 195 W
  • Insulated glass door
  • LED lighting

Varen er på lager, leveringstid ca. 6-10 arbeidsdager

Mini-fryseskap med glassdør - 88 L

Mini-fryseskap med glassdør - 88 L

13199,00 NOK

Varen er på lager, leveringstid ca. 6-10 arbeidsdager

  • Capacity: 88 L
  • Material: steel, aluminium
  • Power: 195 W
  • Insulated glass door
  • LED lighting