Kjølevitrine - 160 x 33 cm

Artikkelnummer EX10010461 / Modell: RCKV-160/33-O

Kjølevitrine - 160 x 33 cm

  • Artikkelnummer EX10010461
  • Modell: RCKV-160/33-O
  • I produktserien siden: 2008
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Countertop Fridge – 160 x 33 cm

The countertop fridge RCKV-160/33-O from Royal Catering can store fresh foods at low temperatures. That way they stay close at hand and are ready for a quick preparation on your countertop. This fridge was developed for professional use in restaurants, fast food bars, diners, salad bars, cafeterias, pizzerias, hotels etc. Also, it proves particularly useful when putting together salads or pizza toppings.

Note: The seven GN 1/4 containers are not included in the delivery contents, though you can purchase them separately in our shop.

Find more information on the GN containers on our data sheet.

Always fresh and cool dishes with the countertop fridge from the catering supplies of Royal Catering


This fridge is the perfect basis and the best choice for the preparation or distribution of fresh dishes. The countertop fridge has a length of 160 centimeters and a volume of 48 liters. This is enough space for seven gastronorm (GN) 1/4 containers with a depth of 150 mm. The floor of the fridge is slightly slanted for easier removal of dishes from the containers.


This countertop fridge comes with a compressor with 180 Watts power which provides efficient refrigeration very quickly. Furthermore, there is a fan cooling system built into the fridge which gives cool air to the device continuously while it’s running.


The temperature can be set between 0 °C and 10 °C to meet the requirements of different kinds of stored foods. The temperature will then be held by an automatic thermostat. This results in low energy consumption and is therefore very cost-effective.


The integrated defrosting system ensures smooth operation. Every 6 hours, the countertop fridge starts an automatic defrosting cycle every 6 hours. This process can also be started manually. An LED-display will always show you the current status of the device, which results in a nearly maintenance free operation of the fridge. Sanitary, practical and aesthetic at once!


The usage of premium stainless steel for the casing leads to an aesthetic, classic design and ensures a durable device. Thanks to the stainless steel the fridge is tough, sanitary and easy to clean. Additionally, four height-adjustable plastic feet provide secure footing on smooth surfaces and prevent scratches.


The countertop fridge is screened to the sides, top and front by a rectangular glass cover. This protects the food from outside influence such as contamination while being inspected by clients. With the RCKV-160/33-O, Royal Catering provides the perfect tool for an aesthetically pleasing presentation of your products.


  • quick and constant refrigeration thanks to efficient 180 W compressor        
  • versatile – up to seven GN 1/4 containers fit in the 48 L volume basin
  • glass cover allows for clear presentation while protecting food from contamination
  • automatic thermostat with temperatures between 0 – 10 °C
  • easy to clean and low maintenance thanks to premium stainless steel casing


Article condition
230 V
180 W
1,1 A
Power consumption
1,55 kWh/ 24h
48 L
Surrounding temperature
10 - 32 °C
Cooling temperature
0 - 10 °C
Appliance class
Dimensions (LxWxH)
160,5 x 33,5 x 46,5 cm
42,5 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
165 x 38 x 31,5 cm
Shipping weight
50 kg

Is the countertop fridge also compatible with other GN containment sizes?

Yes, the countertop fridge is also compatible with other combinations of containers. For example, two GN 1/2 containers can be combined with three GN 1/4 containers. There are many more possible combinations. It's important that all containers have a depth of 150 mm.

Is the refrigerant R600a energy-efficient?

Yes, the refrigerant R600a is very energy-efficient because it has excellent thermodynamic properties. Only very little is needed for a sufficient heat exchange. Thanks to this, the operation of this countertop fridge is very cost-saving.

  • Countertop fridge
  • Glass covers (2 sides and 2 front panes)
  • Installation parts and feet
  • User manual

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