B-varer Popcornmaskin - Rød - 8oz

Artikkelnummer EX20010840 / Modell: RCPR-1135

B-varer Popcornmaskin - Rød - 8oz

  • Artikkelnummer EX20010840
  • Modell: RCPR-1135
  • I produktserien siden: 2017
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Popcorn Maker Red - 8 oz

The popcorn maker RCPR-1175 from Royal Catering allows you to prepare, maintain and serve popcorn in the most professional manner. The machine has been specially designed for commercial use and is perfect for cinemas, snack buffets, events, festivals, carnivals or other occasions that call for the popular snack.


The popcorn maker prepares delicious popcorn in next to no time: It takes only 180 seconds to prepare a serving of 150 grams popcorn and serve them to your customers. Contrary to other customary machines, the popcorn maker allows you to serve many customers in a short period of time.

Quickly prepare delicious popcorn with the popcorn maker RCPR-1175 from Royal Catering


The highly efficient popcorn maker prepares 3 kg of popcorn in only one hour. The popcorn is of a very high quality. Unpopped kernels, excess oil and crumbs are collected in a drawer below the popcorn chamber. The device is the perfect choice for venues with a lot of customers.


The machine is powered by 1325 watts and heats the popcorn kettle in a few seconds. The kettle itself reaches a temperature of up to 250 °C. The generated heat can be used to keep freshly prepared popcorn at the perfect temperature, thanks to the optional warming function.


The popcorn kettle is made from aluminium and is coated with Teflon. This has many advantages: The non-stick coating ensures that the popcorn does not stick to the surface and can be easily removed from the kettle. Furthermore, the material speeds up the heating process to quickly reach the desired temperature. The Teflon coating is very robust and easy to clean.


The popcorn maker has a capacity of 1350 ml and is perfectly suited for commercial use and a lot of customers. A sloping lid below the glass door allows you to remove small portions. The popcorn maker makes your customers’ dreams come true, quickly and efficiently.


The distinct preparation phases can be activated separately with the push of a button on the popcorn maker. Depending on your needs, you can heat the device, keep prepared popcorn warm or stir fresh popcorn with the integrated stirring rod. The popcorn maker offers a solution to each requirement.


The popcorn kettle has two practical lids that keep the heat inside the closed boiler. When the popcorn is ready, it can be poured through the sloping lid into the subjacent chamber. For emptying or cleaning purposes, the popcorn kettle can be swivelled. It has a heat-insulated plastic handle.


The popcorn maker has a transparent door that can be comfortably opened and closed. A magnetic closing mechanism on the metal handles keeps the popcorn under lock and allows you to easily open the door at the same time. This practical system ensures that you can handle the machine with ease, even in hectic situations.


The popcorn maker stands out for its professional quality. The device is sturdy and robust. Its aluminium built ensures its high durability and the low tare weight of only 15 kg means that it is easy to transport and easy to clean. The popcorn maker RCPR-1175 by Royal Catering makes all your wishes come true - simple, efficient, automated - simply delicious popcorn.

  • Easy to clean kettle, Teflon coated
  • Separate toggle switch for different preparation phases
  • Low tare weight, only 15 kg
  • Preparation time: 180 sec.
  • Large kettle capacity: 1350 ml
Item number
Factory second
Material, casing
Steel aluminium, galvanised steel
Material, inside kettle
Teflon coated aluminium
230 V / 50 Hz
1325 W
Output per heating process
8 oz / 227 g
Max. capacity, kettle:
1350 ml
Diameter, kettle
215 mm
Amount of oil
50 ml per serving
Amount of sugar
50 g per serving
Amount of corn
150 g per serving
Frying time per 150 g serving
180 s
~ 3 kg / h
Max. temperature, kettle:
250 °C
Max. heating temperature, chamber
50 °C
Dimensions, popcorn chamber (LxWxH)
28,5 x 33 x 47 cm
Length, power cable
1,55 m
Dimensions (LxWxH)
37,5 x 45,6 x 59 cm
15,2 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
53 x 45,5 x 65 cm
Shipping weight
18,5 kg
  • Popcorn maker RCPR-1175
  • Measuring cup
  • Shovel
  • Instruction manual

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