B-varer Gryte - Induksjon - 71 L

Artikkelnummer EX20011006 / Modell: RCST-71LI4

B-varer Gryte - Induksjon - 71 L
B-varer Gryte - Induksjon - 71 L
B-varer Gryte - Induksjon - 71 L

B-varer Gryte - Induksjon - 71 L

  • Artikkelnummer EX20011006
  • Modell: RCST-71LI4
  • I produktserien siden: 2018
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  • cost and time efficient thanks to even heat distribution
  • versatile - suitable for induction, gas and electric stoves, halogen plates and ceramic hobs
  • cold handles protect against heat and burns
  • high quality stainless steel - long durability, elegant design, especially hygienic
  • large capacity of 71 liters
  • lid with cold handles


Rabatt: 20%

Stainless Steel Induction Pot 71l

The RCST-71LI4 stainless steel induction pot with an extra large capacity of 71 liters and heat insulation is a high quality kitchen utensil, which will help you efficiently prepare your meals in large quantities. Its accompanying lid keeps your food warm, juicy and delicious. This pot seamlessly integrates itself into any kitchen, as it is perfectly suitable for anything from electric, gas or induction stoves, to ceramic hobs or halogen plates. Whether for professional use in the catering índustry or for hobby cooks, at Royal Catering you will find first-class cooking pots and utensils.

Faster cooking process, lower energy costs


This induction pot is designed to optimally absorb heat. With its strong multi-layered capsule bottom, heat is both evenly distributed and stored perfectly. As a result, your meals will be kept warm for longer without any additional energy expenditure, while the cooking time is also conveniently reduced by up to 20%. Additionally, you can save up to 30% energy.


The high-quality stainless steel impresses not only with its excellent workmanship and long durability, but also with its eye-catching shine and elegant design. Furthermore, the material is remarkably hygienic and easy to clean. The pot can be cleaned with any detergents, even in the dishwasher. Biological indifference also makes this item safe for health and neutral in contact with food.


The all-round pouring rim guarantees that pouring out of the pot is both easy and drip-free. Protection against heat and burns is also taken into consideration, as the stainless steel induction pot is fitted with cold handles. The handles do not absorb heat when heating your food. As a result, this stainless steel pot is a universal piece of equipment that should not be missing from any professional kitchen.

Factory second
71 L
Inner dimensions
45 x 45 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH):
48 x 54,5 x 49 cm
11 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
49 x 50 x 52 cm
Shipping weight
12,6 kg
  • Induction pot with lid RCST-71LI4
  • Operating instructions

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