Sectional Door Set with Motor - 3,000 x 2,125 mm - black walnut - 800 N

Leverandør: MSW | Artikkelnummer EX18000349 | Modell: GD3000 black walnut SET

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  • Opening dimensions: 3,000 x 2,125 mm
  • Colour: black walnut
  • Pulling force: 800 N
  • Four sections
  • Wear-resistant seals

Space-saving and well-insulated 


The sectional door is 3,000 x 2,125 millimetres in size and consists of four individual sections hinged together, each 535 millimetres high and 40 millimetres thick. When the garage door is opened, the individual panels are pulled up behind one another by the spring tension. The advantage is that the door does not require a pivoting range and makes optimal use of your garage space. The main advantage of this sectional door compared to traditional garage doors is that it leaves virtually the entire width and height of the garage entrance free.


Garage doors are exposed to all types of environmental influences. That's why we've emphasized the use of high-quality materials, which stand out for their stability and durability. The plastic panels are reinforced with galvanised steel plates and sealed with a protective final coating. These features make the sectional door with motor very durable and robust against wind and weather.


In order to keep energy use and costs low, the interior of the panels have a heat- and sound-insulating insulation layer made of polyurethane which prevents the heat from escaping and repels cold drafts. The door also protects against moisture, wind, snow, UV rays and noise.

First-class insulation


In order to better protect the interior of your garage from wind and weather, the garage door has wear-resistant seals on the sides and the bottom edge. The side seals ensure optimum protection and insulation. The floor seal on the bottom of the garage door elastically moulds itself to fit any unevenness in the floor, providing the best possible protection against cold, moisture and drafts.


The sectional door has robust side tracks and hinges made of galvanized steel, as well as castors made of durable plastic, guaranteeing durability even with daily use. Because the castors have very little rolling resistance, the garage door is very quiet during use.


Safety covers on the hinges and side panels minimise the risk of injury. In addition to protection against unauthorised opening of the door and optimal operation, much attention has been paid to the modern design of the sectional door. The high-quality materials lend your garage a tasteful and attractive appearance.

Comfortably open and close via remote control


With the electric garage door motor GD-800 from MSW, you can equip your sectional door with an automatic motor. The high-quality motor offers a high degree of comfort, safety and optimal space savings. The quiet garage door motor stands out with its powerful 250 watts, and its pulling force of 800 Newtons enable a speed of 16 centimetres per second. The sturdy and high-quality galvanised steel rails and toothed belt drive always guarantee that the garage door will open and close quietly and smoothly.


With the sectional door set you get a product that is extremely safe and meets the latest technological standards. An automatic stop function ensures that the motor stops and reverses direction as soon as it meets an obstacle. The garage door motor also has an emergency release which allows you to open the door manually in an emergency. The two included remote controls with a range of up to 30 metres allow you to conveniently operate the garage door from your car.

Excellent UV resistance
Low heat transfer coefficient



  • Space-saving door with minimum pivoting range thanks to four sections
  • Heat- and sound-insulation thanks to insulating polyurethane layer
  • Elegant black walnut wood grain design looks great in any setting
  • 800 N for cable-free opening and closing of the door with a speed of 16 cm/s
  • Two independently operable remote controls
  • LED lights for more comfort and safety

Sectional Door Set with Motor - 3,000 x 2,125 mm - black walnut - 800 N

The sectional door with motor GD3000 black walnut SET from MSW is the optimal solution for sensibly and efficiently making use of the space in your garage. The door is made of large individual sections which are connected via galvanised hinges come out with no pivoting range. Thanks to the included electric motor GD-800, you can use the remote control to automatically open and close the sectional door. The garage doors from expondo's equipment for professional trades stand out for their stability and sturdiness as well as for their excellent thermal insulation.

GD3000 black walnut SET
Sektionaltor GD3000 black walnut
Maße Toröffnung
3,000 x 2,125 mm
Höhe der Paneele
535 mm
Stärke der Paneele
40 mm
Material Dämmung
Material der Führungsschienen
Stahl, galvanisiert
Garagentorantrieb GD-800
Spannung / Frequenz
230 V / 50 Hz
250 W
< 4 W
800 N
Spannung Antriebsmotor
24 V
16 cm/s
Sendefrequenz Fernbedienung
433,92 MHz
Reichweite Fernbedienung
30 m
Anzahl Fernbedienungen
Automatische Beleuchtung
Maße (LxBxH)
0 x 0 x 0 cm
94,55 kg
Versandmaße (LxBxH)
320 x 40 x 76 cm
128 kg

Garage door GD3000 black walnut

  • 4 panels
  • Assembly accessories
  • 4 cross rails
  • 2 running rails
  • Nib
  • Instruction manual

Garage door motor GD-800

  • 2 remote controls
  • Mounting materials
  • Guide tracks with plastic band
  • Instruction manual

Is there a sensor that detects whether something is in the way and keeps objects from being damaged or people from being injured by the closing door?

Yes, the motor has a sensor that stops the motor if it meets any resistance when the door is closing.

Do I need to buy any additional parts to install the garage door?

No, all the required parts are included in the set.

I'm looking for a garage door with good insulation, as my current door is not insulated and it's making my heating bills higher. Can you recommend this garage door?

The sectional door consists of multiple layers which are equipped with first-class sound and heat insulation. The wear-resistant seals also keep out wind and weather. With this sectional door, your garage will always stay warm and you'll save on heating costs.

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