B-varer Thermal Weeder - 2000W - 650°C

Artikkelnummer EX20060232 / Modell: MSW-THERMO 2000

B-varer Thermal Weeder - 2000W - 650°C
B-varer Thermal Weeder - 2000W - 650°C
B-varer Thermal Weeder - 2000W - 650°C

B-varer Thermal Weeder - 2000W - 650°C

  • Artikkelnummer EX20060232
  • Modell: MSW-THERMO 2000
  • I produktserien siden: 2018
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Thermal Weeder - 2000 W - 650 ° C

Tip: After gardening, you can use the thermal weeder as a quick and practical charcoal or firewood igniter.


Effortlessly remove annoying weeds with MSW's electric thermal weeder! Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it's comfortable for you to use as well: say goodbye to all that tiring bending or stressful grout scrubbing. With its extremely high temperature of 650 ℃, you can easily burn any kind of unwanted vegetation very easily, while also prevent their re-growth. This is possible due to the fact that this weeder goes all the way to the plant's roots. As a result of the high heat exposure, the plant cells are destroyed within seconds, and subsequently dry out. Whether you need it for your garden, entrance, terrace or balcony, this thermal weeder is perfectly suitable.


Depending on your needs, you can adjust the length of the telescopic arm in between 92,5 and 115,5, and thus reach even more remote areas. Equipped with a 12 cm long rubber grip, this electric thermal weeder is very comfortable to hold. Also, its position is individually adjustable. With this weeder you are guaranteed to not only work comfortably, but also to protect your back. Since it only weighs 1,3 kg and it can successfully function without heavy gas bottles, you can move it easily and manoeuvre it with high precision.


Despite its use of high temperatures (650 ℃), handling the electric thermal weeder is particularly safe, since the heat is delivered in a very controlled way by means of the built-in safety. Hence the device also ensures that you can successfully get rid of the annoying weeds, while sparing the surrounding areas. In addition to that, the device is equipped with an overheating protection.


  • fast and effective weed removal
  • powerful 2000 Watts allow the high working temperature of 650 ℃
  • environmentally friendly: no use of chemicals or gas
  • back-friendly work without all that cumbersome bending over
  • adjustable length with the telescoping handle: 92,5 cm to 115,5 cm
  • safe working with overheating protection
  • easy to use, light (1,3 kg) and highly mobile
  • precise, careful usage with the protection nozzle


Factory second
230 V
2,000 W
Maximum temperature
650 °C
Max. length
115,5 cm
Power cable length
180 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH):
17,5 x 7 x 92,5 cm
1,3 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
101,5 x 18,5 x 8 cm
Shipping weight
1,8 kg
  • Thermal weeder MSW-THERMO 2000
  • Nozzle (attachment)

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