B-varer MSW-drills-32
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B-varer MSW-drills-32

Leverandør: MSW | Artikkelnummer EX20060364 | Modell: MSW-Drills-32

B-varer MSW-drills-32
B-varer MSW-drills-32
B-varer MSW-drills-32
B-varer MSW-drills-32
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  • Set of 6
  • Easy combination mechanism
  • Many uses
  • Chemical free cleaning

  • suitable for professional and home use
  • includes straight auger, a funnel auger, a retrieving auger, a saw tooth cutter, a greease cutter and a fork cutter.
  • to connect to coils with a diameter of 32 mm
  • easy-to-change combination mechanism
  • suitable for any device with T-slot coupling

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You are well equipped for blockages of any kind, clogged pipes and toilets are easily freed - with the plumbing snake set from MSW-Drills-32

With the Drills-32 spiral tool set from MSW, heavily clogged toilets, drainpipes and even duct systems are easily released again, regardless of whether you need professional sewer cleaning or cleaning a plugged pipe at home. The drill head is compatible with our tube cleaning machine MSW POWER DRAIN CLEAN 4.6E and similar pipe cleaning machines with a 32 mm coupling.

the six-piece accessory set consists of a straight auger, a funnel auger, a retrieving auger, a saw tooth cutter, a grease cutter and a fork cutter. The cleaning tool has a diameter of 32 mm, is compatible with T-slot couplings and pipes with a diameter of 50-200 mm. The durable material is designed especially for use in wet environments.

The straight auger is a standard tool for sewer and sewage pipe cleaning. It is used primarily for exploring the pipe and the blockage and is particularly well suited for the drilling through of soft blockages caused by, for example, paper or textiles. Furthermore, it allows samples to be taken so that you can decide which other tool to use.

The funnel auger is an important and specialised tool of pipe cleaning. This is a special tool, which is mainly used to remove stubborn blockages with its voluminous funnel.. It is also suitable for retreiving broken spiral heads and other tools from the tube.

Equally important is the retrieving auger. It has a special snap hook, which is mainly used to retrieve broken spirals, other tools or also textiles from the pipe.

The saw tooth cutter is a particularly useful cleaning tool for the removal of roots or branches from drains or pipes. With its saw-like teeth it can remove and cut through blockages through the rotation movement of the spiral. It can be used also for finishing after use of smaller tools.

Substances such as grease deposits are tacked to the collar within the tube with the grease cutter drilling head. The fork cutter head serves the cleaning of dirt and deposits, which were not gotten by the straight line drill.

The Accessories Kit ensures that your tubes environmentally friendly and without released the use of chemicals from deposits and clogging.

Article number
suitable spiral diameter
32 mm
suitable pipe sizes
50-200 mm
Coupling standard
Dimensions (LxWxH)
0 x 0 x 0 cm
0 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
28 x 8,5 x 17 cm
Shipping weight
2,2 kg
Teknisk tegning
  • 1 straight auger Ø32 mm
  • 1 funnel auger head Ø32 mm
  • 1 retrieving auger Ø32 mm
  • 1 saw tooth cutter Ø32 mm
  • 1 grease cutter Ø32 mm
  • 1 C-shaped cutter Ø 32mm
Product name
Area of application
Straight auger
  • Standard tool for pipe exploration
  • pierced soft blockages
Retrieving auger
  • Special tools with hooks to the return of broken tools or coarse residues
4-blade cutter
  • Removes deposits of chemicals and hardened materials
Grease cutter
  • Removes tough, viscous substances and grease deposits
Flexible bulb auger
  • narrow pipe bends
  • Removes light and heavy congestion over a large area
Funnel auger
  • Remove particularly stubborn blockages with the voluminous funnel
Saw tooth cutter
  • Particularly effective for sawing small branches and roots
  • Useful for reworking after using smaller drills
C-shaped cutter
  • cleans dirt and debris that are not reached using other drilling heads
Fork cutter
  • Particularly effective for sawing small branches and roots
  • Useful for reworking after using smaller drills

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