B-varer Garasjedør - Sett - 3,000 x 2,125 mm - Hvit

Leverandør: MSW | Artikkelnummer EX20060216 | Modell: GD3000-S white

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  • Dimensions opening: 3.000 x 2.125 mm
  • Colour: white
  • Traction: 600 N
  • Four sections
  • Abrasion resistant seals

Four sections - together they are strong  


The sectional door’s dimensions are 3.000 x 2.125 mm. It consists of four separate sections, which are interconnected. These are 535 mm high and 40 mm thick each. When the sectional door is opened, the individual panels are raised one after the other through the spring tension. The advantage is that the door does not require a pivoting range and it is also considerably space saving when it comes to the front of the garage. In comparison to overhead doors, a major advantage of the sectional door is that virtually the entire width and height of a garage entrance is empty, allowing vehicles to comfortably pass through.

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The layered construction of the garage door has first-class sound and heat insulating properties, making it the ideal solution for externally securing your garage. High insulation is achieved through the woodgrain construction with an anti-corrosion zinc layer and a polyurethane insulation layer - the interior is protected from humidity, wind, snow, UV, corrosion, noise and it keeps the warmth inside. It allows to save energy spent for heating up the garage, which implies lower bills. Moreover, the woodgrain is reinforced with steel plate on the inside, which assures durability with high mechanical resistance.

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With either of the two wireless remote controls included in delivery you can operate the garage door from the comfort of your car from a distance of up to 30 metres. To make opening and closing the door conveniently quiet, it is provided with a soft-run function. This mechanism preserves the gears and supports durability. The high-quality chain drive moves the door with a traction force of 600N, thereby reaching a speed of 12 cm per second.

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 Fitted with an obstacle detector, the sectional door with drive is designed to protect your car, children, pets or temporary guests. Should there be any resistance, the drive will be stopped in a split second. That way, general damage or injuries are easily avoided. A LED-lamp is integrated in the motor housing and offers enough light for safely entering and exiting, as well as for walking around the garage. The light is turned on when the device is activated. Additionally, the motor impresses with its low energy consumption – consuming only 200 Watt, it is conveniently economical. When in Stand-By mode, it consumes less than 4 Watt.

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The sectional door has robust guide carriages and hinges made of galvanized steel, and castors made of durable plastic. Durability is guaranteed even with daily use. Since the wheels have very little rolling resistance, the garage door is very quiet in operation. The gate has a chain drive, which is extremely simple in its construction, and very durable and stable.

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The garage door comes with included chain drive. If properly maintained, it will outlast belt drives by a fair degree, as the chain drives do not need to be replaced as often as a belt. They’re also good to go no matter the temperature, extreme heat or cold, or high humidity. Due to its higher strength, the chain drives do not struggle with heavy doors, they do not slip which makes them a safer option.

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Safety covers on the hinges and side panels minimize the risk of injury. In addition to the low risk of injury and protection against unauthorized opening of the gate and an optimal operation, much attention has been paid to the modern design of the gate. The high-quality material makes your garage look elegant and the black walnut colour of the sectional door fits in with any facade design.

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  • Space-saving door opening with low swivel range thanks to the four sections
  • Heat and sound insulation thanks to the insulating polyurethane layer
  • Elegant black walnut design with wood grain that works with any background
  • Chain dive with a traction power of 600N to effectively open and close the door
  • 2 separate remote controls
  • Low current consumption with a power of 200W and lower than 4W in stand-by mode

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Garasjedør - Sett - 3,000 x 2,125 mm - Hvit

The garage doors by MSW are the perfect solution for your garage. The sectional door GD3000-S white uses the space that your garage offers sensibly and efficiently. The gate consists of large individual component parts, also called sections. These are connected by galvanized hinges. With these sectional doors, your car will be protected from both unfavourable weather conditions and theft. By being equipped with a chain drive and a remote control, the door can be comfortably opened with just the click of a button.

GD3000-S white
Item number
Opening dimensions
3,000 x 2,125 mm
Door panel, dimensions
3,050 x 2,140 mm
Wood grain
Panel, height
535 mm
Panel, thickness
40 mm
Guide carriages, material
Galvanised steel
Voltage / Frequency
230 V / 50 hz
200 W
Stand-by operation
< 4 W
600 N
Voltage drive motor
24 V
Running speed
12 cm/s
Automatic lighting
Parallel to the door opening
Transmission frequency remote control
433,92 MHz
Scope remote control
30 m
Number of remote controls
Dimensions (LxWxH)
0 x 0 x 0 cm
111,5 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
306 x 59 x 18 cm
Shipping weight
117 kg
  • Sectional door GD3000-S white
  • Chain Drive - 600 N
  • 2 remote controls
  • Mounting equipment
  • Instruction manual

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  • Lengde: 7.5 m
  • Spiral Ø : 10 mm
  • Rotasjon: 580 o/min
  • Effekt: 240 W
  • Mulig rørdiameter: 19 - 40 mm

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