B-varer Benchtop Drill Press - 500 W - 9 Power Levels

Artikkelnummer EX20060489 / Modell: MSW-DP500

B-varer Benchtop Drill Press - 500 W - 9 Power Levels

  • Artikkelnummer EX20060489
  • Modell: MSW-DP500
  • I produktserien siden: 2018
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  • Powered by a precise 500-watt engine
  • 9 speed settings for different materials and requirements
  • Adjustable working surface for precise work
  • Fixable drilling depth for multiple identical drills
  • Drill chuck for drills with a diameter of 3 to 16 mm
  • Safety switch lowers the risk of injury


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Benchtop Drill Press - 500 W - 9 Power Levels

For precise, vertical drilling of wood, particle board, MDF, metal, plastic and other materials, the benchtop drill press MSW-DP500 with its quiet and powerful 500 W engine is the first choice. The well-equipped bench drill press enables clean, high-quality drilling results in wood and metal workshops with millimetre precision for many different requirements. The press has multiple individual settings to suit each of these requirements.

Rotation speed, set, go - precise drillings in wood, metal and plastic


The drill press has nine drilling speeds, between 274 and 2470 rpm. This allows you to set the performance specific to the material and the desired results. The power transmission occurs via the belt drive in the upper casing box. By varying the V-belts on the drive rollers, the nine available speeds can be set up in just a few simple steps.


The position of the drill table is also adjustable, making it easy and practical to vary for the needs of your individual workpiece. The work surface can be moved laterally to the left and right and adjusted in height. It can also be angled between -45° and 45° on the column. This securely positions the workpiece at a slant while the drill perforates the material perfectly perpendicularly. For larger workpieces, the drilling table can be completely swivelled 360°, creating more space directly above the base.


The safety features also include ergonomic handles and an on / off switch with integrated "no-volt switch", which prevents the drill press from unintentionally and dangerously starting, for example after a power failure. If the cover of the upper casing box is open to adjust the speed via the belt drive, the power supply remains automatically interrupted until the box is closed. If necessary, the stable base can also be secured with two screws to prevent slipping.

What is the maximum drilling depth of the device?

The benchtop drill press can drill up to 50 mm deep.

Which drills can I use with this device?

You need B16 drills with a diameter of 3 to 16 mm.  

  • Benchtop drill press MSW-DP500
  • Installation materials
  • Instruction manual

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